Ant Man & The Wasp Review

Ant-Man 1 Sheet Arriving on the heels of “The Avengers: Infinity War”, Ant Man & The Wasp is a much needed fun addition to the MCU right now. Although it ties directly into the traumatic final events of Infinity War, the main part of the film itself is an action packed heist movie.


Hank Pym and Hope Van Dyne have been on the run from the law since Scott Lang’s adventure at a German airport in “Civil War”. Scott has been under house arrest for nearly two years and is about to be freed in a couple of days, provided he doesn’t leave the house before then or have any contact with his former team. Team Ant-Man haven’t spoken since Civil War, and Hope and Hank have been in hiding in a run down building that Hank moves from place to place by shrinking it. The building is used as Hank’s mobile research lab as he researches the Quantum realm to find his wife Janet.


When Scott has a very vivid dream about Janet, whom he has never met, he tries to contact Hank via a burner cell phone. Although nobody answers, Scott finds himself again in the company of Hope and Hank. Hank believes that when he was doing research on the quantum realm, a door was opened for Janet to contact Scott. He believes Scott’s visit to the quantum realm in the first Ant-Man may have made a way for Janet to make contact with Scott mentally.


Hank is just about ready to send hope in a quantum vehicle to look for Janet. Scott’s dream may be the key they need to locate her. Additionally they need a part to stabilize the quantum tunnel device that the vehicle will travel through. While purchasing the needed part from Sonny Burch, a slimy black market tech dealer, the transaction is interrupted by the Ghost, a new quantum enhanced antagonist who wants Hanks Invention.


Ant-Man and the Wasp finds Hank and Hope trying to locate their wife and mother while trying to escape the law and other nefarious actors. Scott just wants to finish his last two days of house arrest. Unfortunately for Scott, Hope and Hank need him and so he is risking life in prison if he is caught associating with them.


Ant-Man and the wasp is an ever-moving heist movie with heart. Just when you think the heroes have made progress, another problem arises. When one problem is or is not solved, another pops up. Fortunately the problem solving is a lot of fun. The supporting cast is excellent as in the first Ant-Man, and so when help arrives you can bet it will be fun to watch. Michael Pena as Luis is so funny in this movie, and Walton Goggins’ (Justified’s Boyd Crowder) Sonny Birch is pure slime. Hannah John-Kamen’s (Ready Player One) Ghost is an interesting antagonist, one who isn’t a baddie just for the sake of evil. Her story fits seamlessly into the Ant-Man lore. Sonny Birch is a little more baddie-to-be baddie, but is still fun to watch.  Randall Park as Agent Jimmy Woo also deserves a nod as he is hilarious as the Agent who seems to care a little too much. In a genre where special agents who are after the protagonist tend to be pretty boring, Agent Woo brings some light hearted comedy to his performance.


Paul Rudd also deserves his props as a more comedic superhero who still comes off as a serious addition to the MCU. His scenes in Scott’s daughter’s elementary school had me laughing out of control at times. Even though he is hilarious, I can still see Rudd as a hero who needs to be taken seriously, and that is not easy. Evangeline Lilly kicks butt and takes names as Wasp, and hopefully she will be used more in the future. Her character is not terribly deep in this movie, but I look forward to her being part of the larger MCU.


If you haven’t seen Ant-Man and the Wasp, you need to. It is fun, it has heart and it fits right into the Infinity War storyline. Don’t forget to wait until after the credits.


By Troy Gustafson

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