The First Justice League Trailer Is Looking Good

Justice League Aquaman

The first trailer for Justice League, released at Comic-Con 2016 looks promising. And how about Aqua Man? He may be able to do more than “talk to fish”. Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince and Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne are recruiting “Metahumans” to prepare for a coming enemy. Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg>>>


DC Releases the First Wonder Woman Trailer AT SDCC16

Wonderwoman Logo

The first Wonder Woman trailer was released today at Comic Con 2016 and it looks like Gal Gadot has carved out her place in Superhero history From the trailer it looks like Wonder Woman leaves her legendary Amazon island home to land smack dab in a world war. Chris Pine>>>


Marvel Unveils “The Defenders” Trailer at Comic Con 2016

Marvel's Defenders

Watch Marvel’s The Defenders Trailer as seen at Comic Con 2016 Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist come together for a Netflix/Marvel team up. If Daredevil and Jessica Jones is any indication of the quality of “The Defenders”, I’m in.  

Star Wars Posts Rogue One First Teaser Trailer

The first “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” teaser trailer turns out to be a true trailer with plot and character details. This movie is going to be an amazing addition to the already well done Disney continuation¬†of the Star Wars franchise.